2019-08-09 E-Edition

A splashing good time

WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE— Above, Joaquin Ayala, 9, of Camarillo sits on a water feature at the Rancho Tapo splash pad in Simi Valley on July 27. At left, 11-month-old Camila Campos plays with spouting water with the help of her grandmother, Graciela Garcia.

Stepping up for Stand Down

Volunteers make veterans aid event possible

Helen served in the Army enforcing security along the Berlin Wall in the 1970s. Today, she’s on the verge of homelessness. She arrived at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs building the morning of July 26 in search of help—she found it 60 miles away when the VA dropped her off with a busload of her fellow veterans at the […]

Possible jump in electric bill prompts action

Fee change should only affect commercial users

To avoid a significant jump in its power bills, the City of Simi Valley has decided to remove some of its electricity accounts from the Clean Power Alliance energy program it joined earlier this year. The increase in fees hitting the largest CPA high-energy-user accounts has prompted the city to move them back to Southern California Edison, said Samantha Argabrite, […]

Park district will stop using anticoagulants

The use of anticoagulant rodenticides, or rat poison, has been a hot-button issue in Simi Valley for years. On July 18, Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District officials voted unanimously to stop using anticoagulant rodenticides in public parks in Simi Valley and Oak Park. Intended to kill rats, anticoagulants additionally cause the death of large animals including coyotes, bobcats and […]

Contest limits words, not imagination

What do Charles Dickens, J.K. Rowling, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf have in common? Yes, they’re some of the greatest storytellers of all time, whose books have sold millions of copies. And, yes, their works have stood—and will continue to stand—the test of time. Literary lions though they may be, none of those famed authors have […]


Scofflaws should be ticketed

A question has been puzzling me for some time now. Why aren’t the police pulling people over who run red lights? It is baffling. I live in Simi Valley and I work in Simi Valley. In the less than 5 miles that I travel to and from work each day, I witness, on average, a minimum of five people run […]

Senior project coming down the pipeline causes concern

This is an alert to all Neighborhood Council 4 residents. A developer wants to build a $ 20-million-plus medical business at the east end of Cochran Street. This is totally out of character with the area. This area is all residential. His loophole is that it will be a “residential care facility.” But it is still a business. This business […]

Votes for project were out of line

Although the neighborhood won on not getting the Walnut Hills project passed, I am disappointed by the votes of Keith Mashburn and Mike Judge. The name of this project alone tells you that it is on the hillside and not on the valley floor. For members of the City Council to go against their own city’s zoning laws is shameful. […]