Rubik’s Cubes

I am here to tell you about my opinion on Rubik’s Cubes. I think it is fascinating to see people solve interesting puzzles.

There are many different Rubik’s Cubes. There are 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, Megaminx, Pyraminx and many more.

My personal favorite cube is the three-by-three because all of the other cubes have some, or most have, all the algorithms for the three-by-three so the cube is easier to solve.

People say, “How do you do that?” or “This is so hard” when you see a Rubik’s Cube and your friends want you to solve it. Then you are thinking how to solve it and you’re probably going to take it apart or take the stickers off and replace them to make the cube solved.

To solve the Rubik’s Cube there are algorithms. Those algorithms are sometimes short or long. If you don’t want the long algorithms, I wouldn’t get the Megaminx. It has very long algorithms.

If you want the short algorithms, get the two-by-two and the three-by-three. If you want to get a Rubik’s Cube, I would get it from Speed Cube stores online or shops that have Speed Cube.

Be careful online or in stores because other people sell them a lot higher than what they are supposed to be selling for.

This is my opinion on Rubik’s Cubes. One last thing: Rubik’s Cubes are very fun when you learn to solve them. Andrew Shlapak Simi Valley

Andrew is a Scout with Troop 622 in Simi Valley.

Says ‘no’ to cell towers near schools

Does anyone else find it concerning that two more cell towers are being constructed in the middle of neighborhoods (Cochran and Sycamore) half a mile from an elementary school and a middle school?

I fully understand we live in a digital era and everyone appreciates reliable cell service, but I find it a bit alarming that no care or thought was given as to the placement of these towers and the potential harm they cause to citizens.

Perhaps this issue was posed to the residents of Simi and I missed it, which is completely possible. Although I would like to think “the powers that be” would put the health and safety of residents above all other agendas.

Several studies have repeatedly and continue to show the dangers these towers pose to the human body. The chronic exposure to radiation has shown a significant increase in cancers and other diseases, tumors, blood disorders, etc.

And just because the exposure limits might fall below government standards does not in any way confirm they are not dangerous or pose a great threat to human health.

Simi has an abundance of open space where these towers could be placed. Why was this location chosen over an area away from residents and schools?

What’s even more comical is they try and disguise these towers as trees—as if these towers have any of the beauty or health benefits that a living tree offers a community.

In this day an d age, we are constantly exposed to unnatural and harmful elements all day long. Every step we can take to protect our health, like not putting cell towers in neighborhoods, is valuable and appreciated. Amity Gomez Simi Valley