Let’s preserve Town Center by ‘pickling’ it

In response to the Jan. 27 article regarding Macy’s recent Simi Town Center closure announcement, I have ideas.

Since inception, the Town Center has been retail-centric, while consumer preferences have migrated to experience-centric. Numerous mall owners have benefited from this migration.

Two experience-centric businesses that would appeal across demographics and geographies would be a dedicated indoor pickleball facility and a TopGolf location.

Pickleball participation is exploding but Simi Valley’s pervasive winds frequently limit our ability to play.

Large, passionate pickleball communities exist in the Conejo, Simi and San Fernando Valleys. All are well-represented in Simi Valley’s always wait-listed recreation programs.

We are blessed with reasonably mild weather, but year-round winds and seasonal temperature variations make an indoor pickleball facility a strong candidate to revitalize the Macy’s space.

Several expanding indoor pickleball providers are The Picklr from Utah (which recently announced alignment with professional pickleball), and two Arizona-based brands, Pickleball Kingdom and Pickle-Mall. Another interesting “eatertainment” business is Chicken N Pickle from Kansas City, who have announced a westward expansion that has only reached Arizona. They are like TopGolf for pickleball, and TopGolf is extremely popular with all age brackets. This would also bring hundreds of employment opportunities.

I respectfully propose that city and Ventura County government collaborate to bring indoor pickleball to the Simi Town Center and a TopGolf facility, as well.

Both would revitalize the mall, adding another crown jewel alongside the Reagan Library for the city and county. Worldwide visitors to the Reagan Library could also participate, creating global tourism marketing opportunities for both the city and the county.

I am happy to help in any way that I can because Simi Valley and the region need an indoor pickleball facility and a TopGolf.

Scott Tesar
Simi Valley