2017-08-11 / Letters

Building would change area’s feel

In response to the letter by Alex Gevorgian from AMG & Associates in the July 28 issue, I feel this letter was very one-sided and didn’t take into account any of the real concerns that people raised in the neighborhood council meeting (which voted to reject the proposal) or the on-site meeting hosted by AMG.

AMG proposes to build a four story apartment complex with 278 units on the corner of Tapo and Alamo streets. Most of the people living in the surrounding neighborhoods do support developing the corner. They also understand the cost of housing in California is nowhere near affordable. I for one have family members who would appreciate and take advantage of affordable local housing. My problem is with the height and density of the project.

In 2012, the Kadota Fig Farm neighborhood showed up in force to City Council meetings where rezoning of the area was being proposed. The City Council then approved zoning for a maximum of 35 units/acre and three stories for surrounding areas—as a compromise based on concerns from the neighborhood.

Now it is rumored that there is a loophole that would allow 47 units per acre and four stories. The Kadota Fig Farm neighborhood is across the street and is zoned for two units per acre. We are considered semi-rural. We don’t have sidewalks and we can keep farm animals. We purchased our home in this neighborhood specifically because of the type of neighborhood it is.

The specific problems I have with the proposal are:

1. The additional traffic from 500-plus vehicles would cause severe problems. When school is in, this corner and surrounding area already has major congestion problems.

2. The new residents will use my semi-rural neighborhood as a shortcut from the freeway, causing the existing safety and speeding problem we have to quadruple.

3. The look and feel of the neighborhood will be drastically changed by a four-story, high density apartment building. I don’t want Simi Valley to end up looking and feeling like the San Fernando Valley. Lisa Atwood Simi Valley

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