2017-08-11 / Letters

Bellwood project ‘out of character’

Alex Gevorgian’s development company, AMG & Associates, proposes to build a four-story apartment complex with 278 units on the corner of Tapo and Alamo. His company had a meeting for concerned residents on July 13 because the city planning commission pulled his project from their agenda and asked him to get more feedback from the community. Mr. Gevorgian’s letter of July 28 makes it clear he didn’t listen to us.

The majority of people at the meeting were not opposed to developing the corner. In fact, many welcome it. We understand the cost of housing in California. Nevertheless, Mr. Gevorgian implies that we do not understand this, and he also implies that we are worried about the type of people who will move there. He goes to great lengths to claim only middle-class people will move into the “affordable” units. If he had listened, he would understand that most of us don’t care who moves into those four story apartments. What we object to is the height and density of the project. That was made quite clear at the meeting on July 13.

When this corner was rezoned in 2012 against our objections, we were told by the city that the zoning was for a maximum of 35 units per acre and three stories. Now we learn that a loophole allows 47 units and four stories. My neighborhood is just across the street, and it is zoned for two units per acre. This project would be over 23 times as dense.

Behind the project, the Texas Tract has three or four units per acre. This proposal is entirely out of character with the existing neighborhoods and it would be a horrific eyesore and invasion of privacy for the neighbors. If every unit had two adults in the main bedroom and one person in each of the remaining bedrooms 875 people would move in, which is more people than live on Adam and Eve roads combined.

There’s nothing wrong with making a profit, but this developer is simply too greedy. Renee Fraser Simi Valley

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