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Festival’s first goal is charity

In response to the letter concerning the super seats at the Simi Valley Cajun and Blues Festival this year, I would like to share first the goal of the festival: charity. The proceeds raised are to touch as many lives as possible. We not only take great care in providing an outstanding festival, but also even greater care in allocating the proceeds to worthy organizations and programs to help others who are less fortunate.

With that said, costs go up. To offset these increases we have looked at meeting the demand of individual festivalgoers who want reserved seating, a private bar and top-of-the-line executive bathroom facilities. These festivalgoers are willing to pay for these amenities.

The increased revenue from this area assists us greatly in maintaining the price of general admission tickets. It is not to make a “them versus us” area. It is to meet a demand and offset some of the increased costs. Bands, fencing, bathrooms, stages, sound equipment, dance floors and security cost real, hard dollars.

We are sensitive to price changes and continue to offer the best deals on the festival circuit. We allow coolers into the festival to offset some of the food costs. If you looked hot and thirsty this year, we handed out free bottled water. We care about you.

We want a family event with great music. We provided 10 acts of top-notch entertainment each day, most of them rarely seen in the Ventura area. If you got a chance to see Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, it was both a sight and sound, or if you listened to the Yardbirds play “Heart Full of Soul,” it truly raised your spirit.

What I am extremely proud of are not only my fellow Rotarians, but all the service clubs, organizations, the parks department, police department and the city. Everyone rises to the occasion to put on this event, and it makes our city shine.

Lastly, we generally open the gates at 10 a.m. Our first person in line was there at 4 a.m. We must be doing something right. See you next year!

William Klepper
Simi Valley

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