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County leads in child cancer survival rates

The survival rate for child cancer patients in Ventura County is higher than the survival rate for adolescent cancer patients statewide, according to a recent study.

The study released recently by kidsdata.org looked at five-year cancer survival rates in California counties between 2003 and 2013, including differences among racial groups.

In Ventura County, the cancer survival rate among white children ages 1 month to 19 years old is 89 percent, compared to the statewide survival rate of 85 percent for white children, according to the study.

Among the county’s Hispanic child cancer patients, the five-year survival rate was 83 percent, compared to 80 percent statewide, the study said.

Kidsdata.org also looked at statewide survival rates among Asian and black child cancer patients. The survival rates for Asian and African American children diagnosed with cancer are 79 percent and 76 percent, respectively, the study said.

No survival rates for Asian and African American children were provided for Ventura County, as those two groups make up less than 1 percent of the county’s population.

More than 1,000 children 14 and younger are diagnosed with cancer each year in California. The majority of children diagnosed with cancer survive into adulthood, said kidsdata.org.

“Children treated at pediatric institutions that provide intensive treatment, supportive care and psychosocial services are more likely to have positive outcomes than those treated elsewhere,” the website said.

Kidsdata.org said the study results showed “persistent gaps” in survival rates between white and minority child cancer patients.

It recommended that policy makers “ensure that all pediatric cancer patients, regardless of race, ethnicity or family income, have consistent access to affordable healthcare that is evidence-based, well-coordinated, family-centered, and provided in the context of a medical home.”

Hector Gonzalez

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