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Happy Father's Day

This Father’s Day we asked our readers to describe their favorite Dad moment, a loving tribute to the man who means so much. Here’s what they said . . .

You kiss me, you hug me, you love me too. You are a special daddy, and I love you!

I cuddle with you and Winston too.
You know it’s true, I love being with you.

We play Rocket League on the PS4
And when the game ends, I always want to play

You make me breakfast, that’s always yummy.
The food tastes so good in my tummy!

Happy Happy Father’s Day, hope it’s really neat!
Happy Happy Father’s Day, because you’re really sweet!

Miya Baumgartner
Simi Valley

Jimmie Morton Jackson. My Dad.

He helped raise five children, I being the oldest at 58. He was part of the greatest generation. He served his country as one of the original Darby’s Rangers, 3rd Battalion. He worked as a lineman, worked as a coal miner, worked on the automotive assembly lines, worked his way through school and eventually became a college professor teaching history. There really wasn’t anything he couldn’t do.

He died too young, and he is missed by all who knew him.

I think about you often.

Love you and miss you,

Mike, your son.

Mike Jackson
Simi Valley

My dad is the best because he lets us visit him at the fire station when he is working. Also, he lets us go inside the truck and engine. He also has us make a note for him before he goes on big brush fires so he can think of us. I love my dad!

Ashley Heath, 9½
Simi Valley

I love you Daddy! You’re the best daddy. I hope you have a good Father’s Day.

Lindsey Heath, 6½
Simi Valley

I like to play baseball with my daddy in our backyard. Daddy throws the ball to me, and I hit and catch it. We ride bikes to Coco’s for breakfast. It’s a little bit close to our house. I love Daddy so so so so much. Love,

Cambria Santana
Simi Valley

My dad’s last name, “Reyes,” means king.

Heavy is the one who wears the crown. When I was born, Dad sang a song as he danced me in his arms—

“Each night before you go to bed, my baby, say a little prayer for me my baby . . .”

I surely do not remember, my mom told me so.

My dad’s memory has gone, yet I continue to sing. Now his son carries the crown because he’s heir to the king. My hero lies at rest, and left me with memories so dear, they’re the best.

Carrie Feo
Simi Valley

As kids, we took for granted that everyone grew up in a stable, loving home. Only as adults did we realize how lucky we were to have a dad who took care of us and our future even when we didn’t realize it. “Senkiu” for always keeping up the cross ventilation in the house, making sure the pool was ready for a swim, emphasizing the importance of an education (and then paying good money for it four times!) and encouraging us to dream bigger than the previous generation. We love you, Papi! Your kiddos,

Dan, Suzanne, John and David
Simi Valley

Dad, thank you for being our rock, the glue to our family and the most hardworking person I know. I appreciate you in ways words can’t explain. You’re a true father who’s cool enough to sit and have a beer with and sensitive enough to ask for dating advice. Your work ethic and passion to always help others inspires me to be the woman I am today. Forever grateful, your No. 1 fan, Milana.

Milana Maddalone
Simi Valley

Happy Birthday, Dad! And also Happy Father’s Day! You have always been there for me even if I get annoyed or am in moody teenager mode. You make me laugh and always can brighten up a gloomy day. You have never once made me doubt my abilities and always remind me that I can reach for the stars. Thanks for never giving up on me. I Love you

Simi Valley

My favorite thing to do with my dad is camping. We go to Carpinteria Beach. We fish there together and go in the water. We all make s’mores at night on the campfire. We are going again on Fourth of July. You’re awesome, Dad! Love

Kaleio Santana
Simi Valley

Dear Dad,

One of my favorite things that I’ve ever done with you was going to the shooting range together. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had with you. I also liked that time when we went to MB2 raceway for my birthday. I love playing catch with you out in the backyard. It’s so much fun.

Happy Father’s Day! Love,

Spencer Snee
Simi Valley

My favorite moments with my daddy is when we go to lunch and watch soccer all day together. I love when he buys me baby lobster and sushi. I will keep trying to use chopsticks so I can eat just like my daddy.

I love him.

Milana T., 3
Simi Valley

Dear Daddy,

I love you so much. You are the best dad ever. I’m so happy we can do fun things together. I love playing Minecraft with you. I also love Rollerblading and taking walks with you and Daisy. I love you so much!!! Love,

Gwendolyn Snee
Simi Valley

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