2017-05-19 / Letters

Senate Bill 54 belongs on ballot

After reading the May 5 article about “sanctuary state” bill SB 54, I have to wonder why this bill, which defies our federal government and the powers given to that government by the Constitution, is to be rammed through our California government and not voted on by the taxpaying citizens.

Perhaps our state legislators fear that many of us want illegal immigrant felons handed over to ICE and deported. Every honest citizen should want to remove any and every criminal element. SB 54 belongs on a ballot, not just sent to dictator Jerry Brown’s desk by the National Democratic Socialist party that makes up our state Legislature.

Gov. Brown is also hitting us with a new 12-cents-a-gallon fuel tax when Californians already pay some of the highest fuel costs and taxes in the nation. Such taxes hit hardest the working men and women, who already bear the brunt of taxation.

Virtually everything we touch or purchase travels on a fuel-powered truck, so when the fuel price rises, so will the prices of goods and services to compensate for fuel costs. Fuel tax is a triple tax: at the pump, where we shop, and in the increased costs of the purchases we make. This also needs to be on a ballot, not just from dictator Brown.

For eight years now, Californians have been paying for a supposed high-speed rail. Where is this rail? Where is the train? And where has the money gone?

When asked about what caused the Oroville Dam failure and the maintenance records, we are told the information is such a security risk that this information cannot be made public. So if they told us, they would have to kill us—sounds like a cover-up in a cheesy movie script.

Now Brown wants to set aside the term-limits law and again run for governor, Dictator Jerry “the taxman” Brown.

Anarchy and/or socialism ends with dictatorship for a state or a nation.

Henry Kayser
Simi Valley

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