2017-05-19 / Letters

Scrap the plan for apartments

At the Neighborhood Council No. 3 meeting May 11, the vote was unanimous to reject the proposed four-story apartment project for Bellwood Center plaza.

Among the objections were excessive height, significantly increased traffic, potential increase in crime and depressed adjacent property values. The Bellwood plaza appears to have only three businesses currently operating. The remainder of the shopping plaza is a ghost town and has been for many years and offers no possibility of recovery. The property must be a drain on the owners’ finances.

I suggest the apartment project be scrapped and consideration given to construction of high-end single-family homes. The 60,000-square-foot lot could be divided into six 10,000-squarefoot lots. This approach would allow the owners to dispose of the property, drastically reduce the traffic problem the apartments would create, eliminate the prospect of crime and result in no more than a two-story development (versus a four-story) and enhance local property values.

Charles Munroe
Simi Valley

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