2017-04-21 / Letters

Return to the old limit lines

Regarding the April 14 article “Crossing Confusion,” I was curious as to why Metrolink chose these two crossings to upgrade.

In my 40 years in Simi Valley, I cannot remember a train/ vehicle collision, and the only train/pedestrian collisions were intentional by pedestrians.

I have seen news accounts of train/vehicle collisions involving Metrolink/Amtrak at other crossings. Why weren’t those crossings upgraded?

The new “limit lines” are arbitrary. They remove one car space in the left-turn pocket at Sycamore, which was already inadequate. Further, the crossings at Tapo Canyon, Sequoia and Tapo Street were unchanged. Tapo Street has a right-turn arrow when through-traffic is stopped.

Return to the old limit lines at Erringer and Sycamore. Metrolink needs to make safety upgrades where there is more need and be more sensitive to vehicle traffic.

Joseph Barini
Simi Valley

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