2017-04-21 / Editorials

Mom is picture-perfect, no matter what


In the Acorn community, family comes first, and that means a scenario in which both the mom and the dad are equal contributors in the nurturing of the household.

We’ll opine today about Mom only, since May 14 is Mother’s Day, the one day of the year you do not want to forget.

We invite dads and kids to start thinking now about Mother’s Day because on Wed., May 3, drawings are due for the Simi Valley Acorn’s annual Draw Mom feature.

Kids can use the template on Page 21 of today’s newspaper to draw a picture of their mother. They can also download the template from www.theacorn.com/ styles/DrawMomTemplate.pdf.

These sometimes funny but always heartfelt drawings depicting Mom through the eyes of a child will be published in the Acorn newspaper and online the Friday before Mother’s Day.

Among her other chores, Mom often bakes — but being a mom is no piece of cake. It’s more like macaroni and cheese. It’s a never-ending job that requires endless patience, middle-of-the night calls to duty and the ability to juggle at least 20 things at once.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, nearly 70 percent of mothers with children under 18 work outside the home. It takes balance and commitment to make her world mesh.

In other words, Mom is pretty much superhuman. At least that’s how she seems to us, the admiring public.

No matter how young or old her children are, she’s their No. 1 fan and biggest cheerleader. In addition to her day job, she’s also a nurse operating on intuition, a counselor with a tireless ear, a personal assistant with a built-in calendar that rivals any smartphone app and a chauffeur with the uncanny ability to be wherever she’s needed, often in two places at the same time.

Moms wear many hats, some of which they might even be wearing in the upcoming drawings. They’ll have long hair, short hair, too much makeup and no makeup. Artistic impression aside, the portraits will be picture-perfect.

The deadline for Draw Mom submissions is May 3.

We’ll publish the pictures in our May 12 issue and online at www.theacornonline.com.

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