2017-03-17 / Letters

Mom grateful to volunteers

I could fill an entire issue of the Acorn with names of volunteers who have made a positive impact on the lives of our son and daughter.

To the volunteer coaches who taught our boy to play baseball, thank you. To the Shetland coach who ran out on the field and hoisted our son onto his shoulder after he caught a fly ball, to the Major coach who picked him to play on a remarkable Cooperstown team that made it to the Sweet 16 and to the many coaches who helped him mature to a level where he was fortunate enough to start as an infielder in high school and then play shortstop as a freshman in college, thank you.

To the PTA Council volunteers who organize Junior Olympics, thank you. This event is so much more than just a field day held at Royal High School on a Saturday in April. It gave our kids a chance to try a new sport, learn how to train for specific events, work together as a team and represent their school with pride and sportsmanship.

To PTA Reflections organizers, you gave our kids a reason to write and perform original songs and choreograph and perform original dances. You allowed them to explore their creative potential, and you rewarded them for their efforts. Thank you.

To the kindergarten teacher who was our daughter’s summer pen pal, to the band director who held extra sectional rehearsals and helped organize the Ventura Country Honor Band, to the principal who danced in “A Chorus Line” in our talent show and to the teachers and administrators who showed up and supported our kids countless times, thank you.

To the dance teachers and studio owners who spend so many extra, unpaid hours at dance competitions, recitals and Nutcrackers, you have taught our daughter to be an artist and an athlete. Thank you.

Volunteers make our community an outstanding place to raise kids. Even though I did not list your names, be certain that our son and daughter remember your names. And they thank you, too.

Gina Howell
Simi Valley

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