2017-03-17 / Community

Crosswalk sting yields 20 citations

Operation conducted near elementary school

The Simi Valley Police Department recently completed a driver and pedestrian compliance operation at Alscot and Los Angeles avenues.

The crosswalk is just down the street from White Oak Elementary School. Many people have complained about difficulties crossing at that corner.

School had just let out as officers arrived to conduct the operation. Because traffic was heavy, they helped several students cross L.A. Avenue.

The compliance operation involves having someone wearing a fluorescent yellow safety vest with the word “police” on it walk back and forth across a clearly marked sidewalk.

The pedestrian is not allowed to step in front of moving cars and must wait until it is safe to cross before stepping into the intersection.

During the two-hour period officers monitored the crosswalk, 23 drivers came close to hitting the pedestrian.

While many motorists stopped and yielded to him, other drivers drove past him at speeds above 45 miles per hour and were within 8 feet of him while he was in the crosswalk.

Many of the violators said they didn’t see the pedestrian, police said.

The law states that pedestrians cannot step in front of moving vehicles if it constitutes a hazardous condition; that vehicles must yield to a pedestrian who is moving safely within the crosswalk and cannot pass a vehicle that is already stopped and yielding to a pedestrian using the crosswalk.

This enforcement and compliance operation was conducted due to the number of complaints the traffic bureau receives about driver behavior throughout Simi Valley.

Grant funds from the California Office of Traffic Safety were used to pay for the enforcement effort.

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