2017-02-17 / Letters

Voters want to meet in person

On the evening of Feb. 6, 2017, Congressman Steve Knight held a tele-town hall meeting about the Affordable Care Act. The planned call took place at 5:30 p.m. and attendees were to be called at the start of the event.

However, many people who signed up to be part of the call were excluded and this seems to coincide with the fact that many of the excluded people were attendees at a rally at one of Mr. Knight’s field offices on Feb. 1. At the rally, attendees signed a letter opposing the repeal of the ACA and left their personal contact information.

For those of us who were on the call, we heard about plans to repair the ACA, and then it will be repealed, which to me makes no sense at all. Also, while on the call Mr. Knight refused to host an in-person town hall because he is too busy to do large events and prefers to do tele-town halls instead. By his own statement, the call had over 18,000 people, but he took only 10 pre-screened questions.

On Feb. 9, however, he had time to attend a reception to honor Republican legislators, but I guess his constituents don’t matter and aren’t worth the extra time.

Our tax dollars pay for his salary and he needs to be available for us to have discussions for more than five to 10 minutes long. An actual in-person town hall where the community can all attend and have a debate of ideas is what we deserve and expect.

So far it seems like all Steve Knight cares about is removing the safeguards and regulations that the Obama administration put into effect to protect us from guns getting into the hands of ill people, from companies polluting our streams and removing new standards that rewarded teachers for being prepared. We need to be sure he hears from his constituents and acts in accordance.

We want an in-person town hall meeting.

Jaime Gonzalez
Simi Valley

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