2017-02-17 / Letters

Fallen officer made an impact

I am thankful for the Simi Valley Police Department and all of those who have kept the memory alive of our only fallen hero here in Simi Valley.

Officer Michael Clark was a police officer in Simi Valley for only four months.

On July 23, 1995, my father fell to the floor in our home. My brother frantically dialed 911 and no more than a few minutes later Officer Clark ran through the door, slid across the floor to my father and started CPR. He kept my father alive long enough to get him into an ambulance and to the emergency room.

Because of Officer Clark’s fast action and CPR, I was able to get to the hospital and say goodbye to my beloved father, who passed the next morning.

Officer Clark was with us the whole afternoon at the hospital. He also visited my mom’s home every day for a week checking on her. Days later on Aug. 4, 1995, Officer Clark lost his own life while on duty.

Thank you Simi police for making sure Officer Michael Clark’s memory stays alive with a street named after him, then in 2004 a memorial plaque to dedicate a hiking trail in his name. Last year, the First Street overcrossing of the 118 Freeway was dedicated in his name.

I am forever grateful to you for making sure we never forget a fallen hero who kept my father’s heart beating long enough for us to say goodbye to him, and a kind soul Clark had looking after my mom. Thank you Simi Valley police.

Joyce Erdman
Simi Valley

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