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A Valentine’s letter to all the moms

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Ela Lindsay

February is a month of love — for friends, family, partners and spouses. And although it can be a time of longing for many singles, it can also be the start of a new plan to do whatever is necessary to attract a perfect-for-you mate or finally make that resolve to enjoy the single life.

Either way, this year I’d like to send a love letter to the person whom I adore most on this planet. Someone whom I admire, respect and would like to spend as much time with as the PTB (Powers That Be) will allow.

This piece is also a plea to God, the universe, PTB and anyone and everyone else who might be in the position to grant an aging, amazing woman her life’s wish.

For those of you who’ve been reading this column since the beginning, when it was called “Life in the Single Lane,” you’ll probably know right away the person I’m talking about. For those of you who have no clue, I’m addressing this special valentine to my dear 80-something-year-old mom, Erika.

I just had the joyful pleasure of spending wonderful quality time with Mom when she traveled here from Canada for her annual holiday visit. We even took a fun cruise on the “Love Boat” — a first for both of us — which I’ll talk about in another column.

Alas, the time flew by so quickly and she had to go back home. And I’m saddened that there will probably be a time when she won’t be able to travel here anymore.

I burst out crying when I read the lovely thank-you note she left for me that included the words, “I hope we meet again sometime.”

To me, it was a poignant reminder to cherish each and every precious moment we get to spend with any loved one.

So this note is for all the moms, whether they’re still here or not. And for all the loved ones in our lives who’ve made a positive impact on us and our world.

Dear Mom,

I’m writing this for you from the bottom of my heart.

You are such a joy, an absolute love, and you offer such kindness and support to everyone’s life you touch, especially mine.

You are smart, funny and always open to new adventures. And although I know your life has been tough at times, somehow you’ve been able to create a peaceful, loving world around you.

And even though it seems you are experiencing some pain and greater limitations as time goes on, you still live your life with an air of joyful acceptance.

I love how you savor deep breaths of the ocean air and insist on feeding the seagulls at the beach so we can capture that one perfect “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” snapshot of a free-flying, free-thinking bird like the one in Richard Bach’s book.

I revel in your warm hugs and so appreciate your love and support, as well as those special ingredients you add to everything you do, even making a simple homemade bowl of soup.

Alas, as we are both painfully aware, we are the only family we each have left on this planet, and as life would have it, we live so far apart from one another.

And as neither of us is getting any younger, if I could have it my way, you’d be living here, with both of us being happy and healthy and able to get together to share even the simplest of things.

I know that living in a warm climate near an ocean has been a dream of yours since I can remember. In fact, that’s probably why I ended up down here in the first place! Little did I know that you wouldn’t be here to enjoy your dream with me.

So, if there were such a thing as a GoFundMyMom.com website or a way to ask wealthy benefactors to grant one simple, heartfelt wish, I’d throw mine into the mix: I would love to be able to make your dream of living here come true.

In the meantime, Mom, I love you with all my heart and always will.

Ela Lindsay is a single writer in Ventura County. To catch up on her bimonthly columns, visit theacornonline.com. For comments or suggestions, email eLindsay@theAcorn.com.

Soaring Spirits will present a Galentine’s Day event for women at 6 p.m. Thurs., Feb. 9 at Studio Grill, Simi Valley. Visit soaringspirits.org/galentines-day or call (805)581-2743 or (805) 390-3244.

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