2017-02-03 / Letters

Mom thankful for Simi teachers

I would like to accept Brian Dennert’s challenge to make Simi Valley the most thankful city.

Nowadays, we may feel that it is hard to find things about which to be thankful, but truly, it is not. As I reflect on this topic, the juice began flowing. Where to start?

First of all, I am thankful for Ms. Janke and her crew of amazing teachers who helped my son transition from a small (130 students) bilingual school to Sinaloa.

I am thankful for Keith Derrick, Matt Guzzo and another crew of fantastic teachers (including, of course, Mr. Dennert). My son is growing up, but also growing as an informed citizen and a curious learner. He is discussing Romeo and Juliet at the dinner table (thanks, Mrs. Rosuck and Letus) as easily as he is talking about Punnett squares or how he would like to become a biochemist engineer (Well done, Mr. Luce).

These teams of devoted teachers helped shape who he is becoming. And it is looking good. Our district does amazing things for our children. No need to go look very far. It takes dedication from the teachers and guidance from above.

Dr. Peplinski does a wonderful job in guiding his crew. Great things are happening in our school, and people are beginning to notice. Technology is becoming more and more prominent in our classrooms but so is the training and support teachers are receiving. A great team of TOSA (Teachers On Special Assignment) is always readily available to help out any soul in need.

I am thankful for our teachers and cannot wait for my daughter to join the team of learners in our district. I am thankful to live in such a wonderful community.

Karine Servant-Drury
Simi Valley

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