2017-01-20 / Letters

Schools, teachers are inspiring

It is difficult to find the words to express my profound gratitude for Simi Valley schools. As a newly credentialed secondary English teacher, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the district and teachers who inspired me to find passion in education.

My journey began at Garden Grove Elementary School, and being a part of that school is what truly enriched my childhood. Teachers such as Theresa Garner, Jana Saffro, Barbara Gwin- Stryker, Kylie Gongola and Eric Adler not only made learning exciting, they made me realize my academic potential from a young age. Principal Lynn Friedman even went above and beyond to get involved with every school activity and students’ lives.

Hillside Middle School helped me transition into my preteen years with ease, thanks to the help of teachers like Stephen Galvin, Lauren Gallant, Kathy Sternberg. Even though they probably do not remember me, I will never forget their help when times were tough in my social and academic life.

Even though those two schools remain special to me, the one I will always be the closest to is Simi Valley High School. The ups and downs of these four years are ones that I will never forget. Teachers such as Alisa Simpson, Artine Derian, Todd Borowski, Cyd Wilson and so many others constantly made subject matter interesting and relatable. More than that, they understood the teenage struggle and would always be willing to help. I have to thank them for some of the most memorable moments, even if they were trying to get me to stop talking in class.

Simi High is even more significant in my heart now because I had the most incredible opportunity to student teach there in the fall of 2016. With Luke Bannon as my mentor, I learned a great deal about not only the subject’s content, but what it is like to truly make an impact and give back to a community that raised me and continues to mean so much to me. It was unforgettable.

Thank you, Simi Valley, for all of the exceptional schools and their teachers.

Megan Favreau
Simi Valley

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