2017-01-06 / Letters

Principal helped teacher grow

In keeping with Brian Dennert’s “year of thankfulness,” I wish to thank Robin Hunter, principal of Berylwood Elementary. I consider him my mentor.

His training and encouragement during his time as principal at Park View Elementary School helped me grow as a teacher in many ways. It was not just his workshops on the pedagogy of teaching but also his encouragement to try new methods that transformed me into a better teacher.

His leadership style provides specific, constructive feedback but also is open and allows his teachers to discover their own teaching style and encourages ownership of the curriculum and classroom.

He spends time observing each classroom, leaving the teachers a note torn from a yellow legal pad. I, for one, couldn’t wait to read that note after he left. I knew it would be affirming while containing ideas for improving my teaching.

A principal guides the teachers, often for many years. This in turn benefits countless students and their education. After all, those students are America’s future, and they deserve our best. Thanks, Rob, for all the lives you have influenced as principal of several Simi Valley schools.

Deborah Whittaker
Simi Valley

Whittaker has been a Park View teacher since January 1990.

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