2017-01-06 / Letters

Many to thank at Simi schools

I applaud Mr. Brian Dennert for challenging Simi Valley to be a more thankful city, and I would like give our school district recognition.

Starting at Garden Grove Elementary, Tambi Fisher forever changed my heart because of her love and passion for teaching.

My journey to Hillside Middle School was nothing short of awkward, but thank you to Erik Temple for reminding me that being nerdy is definitely still cool. Being in sign language class allowed me to use my hands to communicate and listen with my eyes. Since then, ASL and all that it encompasses have been my passion. Dr. Katz showed me a whole new world, and I could never show enough gratitude to him for that.

Moving to high school was challenging, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t dread my homework for history, but Daryl Hernandez gave me study habits I will use forever. He was tough, but he cared about his students and it showed. Bret Daley opened his classroom and was an ally to his students, something all high school kids need.

After graduating I returned, working for the district, offering sign support in our Deaf and Hard of Hearing program at Mountain View Elementary. Jenny Goldman and her team welcomed me with open arms, and I’m lucky to be part of an incredible school.

The school district has provided me with an education, a beginning to my career, lifelong friends, endless opportunities and the most impeccable examples of everything a teacher should be. I am forever thankful for the people at the district making it all happen — principals, office managers, teachers and para-educators — your never-ending prep work, long hours and all your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Once again, thank you.

Amanda Leddy
Simi Valley

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