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Delegate election is coming up

I want to let Simi Valley Acorn readers who are members of the Democratic Party know about the party’s delegate elections coming up this Sat., Jan. 7.

These delegates will help chart the direction of the California Democratic Party and help build the bench of candidates for the 38th Assembly District.

I am running to become a delegate for the 38th District, which includes Simi Valley, Porter Ranch, the Santa Clarita Valley and part of Soledad Canyon. Seven female and seven male delegates will be selected for the district. A total of 21 females and 18 males have submitted their applications.

Of the 21 females who submitted applications to become delegates, to my knowledge there is only one other woman from Simi Valley. Of the males that have submitted applications, I believe only two are from Simi Valley.

Simi Valley Democrats represent 23 percent of the 38th Assembly District’s Democrats. Simi Valley should have a minimum of three people elected to the delegation.

Each assembly district holds a caucus to vote on its delegates. Anyone who is a registered Democrat and lives in the 38th District can come out to the vote. The delegate election is being held at Valencia Hills Clubhouse, 24060 Oak Vale Drive, Valencia.

Given that Simi Valley is on the far western edge of the district, the location naturally favors all of the potential delegates who reside closer to Valencia.

I’m hoping to rally Simi Valley Democrats to attend the caucus and vote. Otherwise, Simi Valley will have little representation in the California Democratic Party.

The caucus is being held from 1 to 3 p.m. this Saturday, with speeches starting at 12:30 p.m.

If any Democrats from Simi are interested in the delegate selection process, they are welcome to attend and cast a vote. You don’t have to stay the whole two hours. You can cast your vote and leave. More information can be found at https://goo.gl/Un0AQB.

Simi Valley needs representation.

Nicolette Munoz
Simi Valley

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