2016-12-30 / Letters

Teachers, PTA impact the future

To be thankful for just one thing or person is very hard. I am thankful for all of the people who make this town a great place — our police, firefighters and elected officials — but most importantly, those that make a difference in the lives of our kids (our future). Our school district is amazing and I am grateful we chose to leave our kids’future in the hands of such great individuals.

From the first day both of my kids stepped foot in Simi Elementary, through Hillside and now at Royal, the knowledge and life lessons they have learned from some more-than-amazing teachers and staff is astonishing. These are not just teachers; they are passionate people with a love for what they do.

I could list at least 30 individuals who have touched their lives. But I single out Royal, not because their elementary or middle school teachers were not amazing, but because those at Royal have had the most recent influence on where they want their future to take them.

Lisa Pate, you have created a passion in Jeffrey so that we are blessed to enjoy his gift of music every day.

Brian Dennert, you energized both of my children to want to explore world history (even if that geo-caching thing drove me crazy on our vacation).

Kari and Adam Lev, there could not be a more passionate, dedicated twosome who have influenced so many — not just my own children, but many lives in Simi.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank the hundreds of PTA leaders and volunteers throughout Simi Valley. This group of dedicated people share my passion in making a difference for all of our children.

The amount of passion that your school PTA leaders put in on a daily basis sometimes goes unnoticed. Be sure to thank not only your children’s teachers regularly, but also the PTA leaders who volunteer many hours of time to keep our schools great.

Kathy Hinkle
Simi Valley

Hinkle is first vice president of leadership for the Simi Valley PTA/PTSA Council.

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