2016-12-23 / Letters

Royal teacher gives thanks

In the spirit of continuing gratitude, I’d like to extend a thank-you to school board member Scott Blough for his unending support to Simi Valley schools. He truly has the best interests of teachers and students at the forefront of his actions and has learned this through his active participation in our school cultures. Whether it is a school carnival, play or just a friendly visit, he is present in our schools and has a clear view of what great things happen in our district on a daily basis.

Also, I have had the honor of working with Julianne Ota over the past two years. Aside from her unending dedication to Royal High School’s PTSA, she played an integral part in helping me promote the International Baccalaureate program for Royal. Her parental voice and constant help with IB events was critical to the program’s success. The selflessness and generosity she exhibits is a model for anyone, and I am forever grateful for her time and energy.

Most importantly, I would like to thank my students, both past and present, for the impact they have made on me as a teacher, mother and individual. Your spirit, energy, drive and passion is what keeps me going on a daily basis and makes me excited about being a part of Royal High School. I have learned so much from each one of you and am lucky to find myself in such a situation where I can educate and be educated. I am confident that one of you will take on this challenge of continuing thankfulness for the next year.

With so many wonderful people in my city, community, workplace and schools, it is difficult to choose only a few individuals to recognize. The people above are only a few of the long list of individuals that have made me realize how lucky I am to live and work in Simi Valley.

Kari Lev
Simi Valley

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