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Many thanks to teachers, coaches

I gladly accept Brian Dennert’s challenge to make Simi Valley the most thankful city.

Thank you, Mr. Dennert, for being an intelligent and innovative teacher at Royal High School. My daughter Elisabeth had the good fortune to be in your AP world history class. Both she and my daughter Madeline have benefited from the Brown Bag lunches you organize, where guest speakers and dignitaries from the community come to speak to students about their experiences. You even take the time to send postcards home to students, to encourage and motivate them.

I am thankful to all the fantastic teachers and coaches at Royal, especially John Downey and Kari Lev, whose dedication to their students is exemplary and who, with their respective spouses, are raising the most loving and wonderful children of their own.

A big thank-you to the incredible teachers at Sinaloa, especially Corey Nordal, (who is now enjoying his retirement) for taking middle schoolers who can’t read or play a lick of music and turning them into budding musicians, many of whom develop a lifelong love of playing their instruments. You have touched our family.

Thank you, amazing and dedicated Hollow Hills teachers. Your tireless efforts have made a difference in so many lives. You create citizens who strive for academic excellence and set them on a path for success.

I would like to thank Chris McCarty, Joanna Santor and all the teachers at Dance Creations for creating beautiful moments in dance, year after year, and making memories for all the dancers to cling to forever. Thank you for not letting the arts be forgotten.

Finally, I am so thankful to the youth leaders at Simi Valley Community Church, especially Mike Cirricione, the youth pastor. His guidance and love over the past years have been an incredible blessing to my daughters, who were both baptized this year by Mike, a testament to the way his love for and dedication to his students inspire them to strive for goodness.

My list could go on, but I will stop here and pass the torch to the next grateful heart.

Michelle Marciano
Simi Valley

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