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Let’s make Simi the thankful city

This letter is a start of a something new in Simi Valley. I want our community to challenge itself by having a letter thanking people in each newspaper until Thanksgiving next year. If you believe like I do that this is needed, please write a letter thanking someone.

As a teacher I want to share my thanks for educators I work with who inspired me recently. There are many people I could include, so my apologies for a limited list.

My friend Dustin Ellis is a teacher on special assignment for our school district. He teaches staff how to use technology more effectively in our classrooms. He has encouraged me and is a good listener. He has made me a better teacher and has done the same for many others.

Kari Lev is a fellow teacher at Royal High School. I was inspired when she brought two Holocaust survivors to speak with our students. This is something I will continue, thanks to her initiating it. She teaches students in English classes, but that day she was a memorable history teacher.

George Carganilla teaches math and has proven he is willing to adapt and learn to become better. This includes being a leader online of teachers supporting each other. George is humble and works hard to find new ways to connect students with math.

Dean Borth is a teacher and coach. We share the same hairstyle and Bob Ferguson as a source of inspiration. On the volleyball court and in the classroom he is known for getting people to understand each other. Dean constantly challenges me to see the best in people.

Rod Rounke is a special-education teacher. He is very patient with my questions and teaches me about policies and his daily challenges. I better understand our school because of him.

Please keep this going until next Thanksgiving. We can make Simi Valley the thankful city.

Brian Dennert
Simi Valley

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