2012-10-19 / Letters

Proposition 30 isn’t the answer

I am responding to a letter to the editor published Oct. 5 titled, “Prop. 30 will keep Simi kids in school.” The teacher’s plea for Simi Valley school kids is unsubstantiated and untrue about Prop. 30.

The writer stated that Prop. 30 would bring funding to the schools, when in fact no money is guaranteed to go directly to the schools. The money will be put into the general fund to feed the pension monster that can no longer be supported by the districts or the state.

On top of that, Prop. 30 would raise the state sales tax. California is one of the highest-taxed states in the nation, with one of the biggest debt ratios. Why does the state deserve any more money when it can’t manage what it already takes in?

This proposition merely allows “teachers who care about our schools” to hold the public hostage with threats about cutting the school year. This letter seems to be for the purpose of guilting parents into passing this lie-filled proposition.

How can you predict that the school year will be cut when no money is guaranteed to go directly to the schools? It seems a bit irresponsible of the district and teachers to say the school year will be cut when the money will only line their pockets and retirement funds if Prop. 30 passes.

California teachers are among the highest paid in the nation. If you really care about the children, why don’t you take a small pay cut and work those “furlough days” so that the children of Simi Valley can have a full school year?

Don’t you think that actions speak louder than words?

Corey Folse

Simi Valley

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