2012-02-24 / Letters

Shading the truth a shady practice

I did not think it was always necessary to tell the truth. As a salesman, if a little bit of shading of the truth could make me a sale, it was okay to shade it.

I have since determined that not being entirely forthcoming is bad for everyone, even for me. I didn’t exactly lie, of course—I just made the truth sound a bit different than it actually was.

There are those who are currently shading the truth in much the same way that I did to make sales. And this is how they do it:

Revenue enhancement. Another word for taxes.

Community redevelopment. Tax money given to private companies from everyone regardless of where they live for others’ local enrichment.

Women’s reproductive health. Health? Exactly what is healthy about an abortion?

A woman has a right to choose what happens to her body. How can you argue against that? Unless she is killing a human being in the process. Is she? When is that thing life?

Be honest. Tell me.

When were you a life? When would aborting that stuff in there have killed you? The morning after? When?

Hard things to think about. But shouldn’t we think about them? 52 million (lives?) since Roe v. Wade. We shed rivers of tears over 5,000 in the Middle East.

One last thing . . . has anyone noticed that we now reduce spending (reduce an increase) by $1.2 trillion (over the next 10 years)? How many stop to think when you hear that, that it is $120 billion a year, and just hear the 1.2 trillion? And also do you notice that it is not a savings against what we are spending, but a savings over what was proposed to be spent in addition to what we are now spending?

In other words, a smaller increase but an increase nonetheless. I think they get away with stuff like that a lot. Frank Bland Simi Valley

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