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Simi Valley ready to fill bike path gap

There’s good news for local cyclists: The city will build a bike path connection between the Simi Valley Metrolink station and Stearns Street.

The Arroyo Simi bikeway runs along the flood channel embankment, between Madera Road and Yosemite Avenue. But there’s a gap in the path between Hidden Ranch Drive, where the train station is located, and the southern end of Stearns Street.

It’s there that the arroyo goes under a railroad bridge, forcing bicyclists to travel a circuitous route—north on Hidden Ranch Drive, east along Los Angeles Avenue and then south on Stearns— to reconnect to the bike path.

A 12-foot-wide bicycle path, about 1,400 feet in length, will be constructed to fill the gap, thereby providing a direct route between Hidden Ranch Drive and the south end of Stearns Street, along the north side of the railroad tracks.

In addition, a path will be built between the train station and Hidden Ranch Drive to provide bicycle access to the train station.

According to a staff report, the city’s fiscal year 2011-12 streets and roads budget contains nearly $201,000 for the project, financed from the Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program. Local funds totaling $5,500 are also being used for the project.

On Monday, the City Council approved the project to go out to bid. A number of contractors, including local contractors, from the city’s current list will be invited to submit bids, a staff report said.

Once construction begins, the project is expected to take 40 working days to complete.

Carissa Marsh

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