2010-03-19 / Business

Is Simi getting an Arby’s?

Bob’s Big Boy also rumored to be opening
By Carissa Marsh cmarsh@theacorn.com

A restaurant that many Simi Valley residents have long hoped for may soon be coming to town, according to one city official.

It’s Arby’s.

That’s right, Arby’s. While it may just be another fast-food place to some, a surprisingly large number of residents have been clamoring for years to add the U.S. chain featuring roast beef sandwiches to the valley floor.

The people’s cries have not gone unheard. The city, for its part, has been doing its best to get an Arby’s in town, but the deal has always fallen through for one reason or another, said Assistant City Manager Brian Gabler.

Gabler, the city’s director of economic development, said an Arby’s franchisee is in negotiations with a property owner and is “close” to securing a building in Simi that would be rehabbed into an Arby’s restaurant.

While Arby’s has been “close” several times, Gabler is hopeful that this deal will deliver and give the sandwich shop a place to hang its trademark hat, so to speak.

“We’re hopeful. The city’s facilitating it and we’re answering questions on both sides and trying to make things happen,” he said, “but bottom line, it’s a financial deal that has to happen between the franchisee and the property owner.”

Gabler also dished on another restaurant rumor that’s been circulating.

When asked if hamburger joint Bob’s Big Boy was looking at taking over the space formerly occupied by Applebee’s, on the corner of Madera Road and Cochran Street, Gabler said that is “a generally true rumor.”

He said there are two other restaurant franchisees also looking at the building, though he wouldn’t say who.

As with Arby’s, Gabler is hopeful a deal will work out between Bob’s Big Boy and the property owner.

“I think it would be a great addition to the community,” he said.

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