2008-03-14 / Letters

Developer's spin is a sin

Wow! To hear Colton Lee's spin, one would think this developer is here to save the Knolls. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The words whirling out of Gary Gorian's mouth regarding the proposed Colton Lee development in the Santa Susana Knolls are nothing but a tornado of spin. His interview reads like one big campaign slogan.

Let's look at some facts:

Colton Lee's development calls for a 100-unit manufactured home park. This development clearly violates the County's Guidelines for Orderly Development: It is too dense, it does not blend in with the existing rural character of the neighborhood and is clearly spot zoning. This development is fatally flawed.

Gorian states that the current project is designed to preserve an "enormous" amount of open space on the site, as they plan on developing on only 11 out of the 24 available acres. That is because only about 11 acres are suitable for building.

There is absolutely no reason that this developer can't make a hefty profit on his land while keeping to current rural zoning.

Colton Lee was told to find a secondary access for its development. Widening Katherine Road does not make a secondary access.

It would not solve the bottleneck problem of a massive development at the railroad crossing. All of the 300-plus residents of the proposed clustered development would still bottleneck onto Katherine Road in order to evacuate the property. There is still one driveway in and out. Imagine the panic as all those cars have to turn out onto one road leading out of the Knolls.

Widening Katherine Road does not magically create two access points. All it does is cause destruction.

It takes away pathways where residents can walk or ride safely. Ancient, protected oak trees will be destroyed, front yards will be destroyed, driveways destroyed, and the entire rural feel and aesthetics of our neighborhood will be destroyed.

I don't believe destruction of a neighborhood is "working something out that works for both sides," as Gorian said.

If this is Colton Lee's idea of "stepping up to the plate" to "improve" or "make safer" our neighborhood, the sooner the county strikes this development out, the better. Susan L. Wells Santa Susana Knolls

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